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 Trench Heating, Perimeter Heating, Fan Coil Casing and Radiant Panel Heating are manufactured by a few. Few can say they have produced it on some of the United Kingdom’s largest and most prestigious landmarks. BGP Services Ltd. (Formerly named BG Perimeter Systems Ltd) and Alpha Radiant Panels, the sister side of the company, has many examples all over the UK. Trench Heating and Perimeter Heating was supplied and installed by BGP in 1983 at Heathrow Terminal 4 and in recent years Trench Heating was supplied and installed at The New Wembley Stadium.

The Trench Heating and Perimeter Heating installation at Heathrow T4 was one of the largest of its type ever seen in this country. In all Stainless Steel, it was also one of the biggest ever in value and the like may never be seen again. BGP also supplied Perimeter Heating at one of the largest Mental Health Hospitals in the UK at Prospect Park Reading. Perimeter Heating in office buildings is not often used now in favour of Trench Heating which allows more floor area for letting purposes.

Both Curved Trench Heating and facetted Trench Heating can be produced. Curved Trench heating installed by BGP on the Empress State Building in West London cannot be displayed in the Case Studies. Some clients do not allow this. You will find the Case Study displayed for Facetted Trench Heating at the Audi West London complex.

Fan Coil Casing, in continuous form, much less common these days, can be seen in the Case Study - Fan Coil Casing at The Ramada Jarvis Hotel. Radiant Panel Heating has been designed and installed in many Hospitals, Sports Halls, Libraries and Laboratories up and down the country.

BGP, after nearly 4 decades in the Trench Heating, Perimeter Heating and Radiant Panel Heating business recently transferred the Uxbridge manufacturing facility to Camberley and Supaflex Agencies has been proud to have been associated with many of the above named projects throughout London North of the Thames, Northern Home Counties and East Anglia. Some have even been backed with BISRIA emission testing.

We look forward to assisting you.

Supaflex pipeline equipment IE Bellows, hoses, MAD separators & dosing pots a division of Interflex Hoses & Bellows Ltd
Supaflex-agencies also act on behalf of Interflex Supaflex Division

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